Couture-0381P diamond engagement ring from Verragio

What’s in for Spring: Engagement Ring’s Latest Trends

Spring is upon us and love is in the air, which signifies one sure fire annual retail tradition; bridal season.  And in honor of the hands that will be asked for, the knees that will be knelt upon, and the corks that will be popped, here a few of the engagement ring trends that are expected to make a splash this spring.

Trilliant Cuts

Many are brides are classicists, preferring the traditional look of a round solitaire engagement ring, or the classic three stone design.  However, there are always women who are looking for something just a little different, something that will stand out in a crowd, and for that reason triangular cuts are expected to make a splash this spring.

Perhaps it is partly due to the recent sale of the Bvlgari Blue; a ring comprised of two triangular cut diamonds, one a 9.87 carat colorless diamond, and the other a 10.95 carat Vivid blue diamond.  Although the ring was originally bought for $1 million in 1972, it was sold at auction in New York this past October for an astounding $15.7 million.

The settings we can expect to see for Trilliant cuts this spring however, are likely to follow to the same rule as other fancy shapes like Marquis, which is to keep it simple.  For example, the Paradiso 3041 from Verragio has all the elements to make it the perfect setting for a triangular cut this spring.

Featuring a clean shank on the outside of the band, a Trilliant cut would not fight for the spotlight, but the scrolling design inside of the band not only ensures that the ring will stay upright on your finger, it also adds an interesting, almost hidden detail to the design.

Pretty in Pink

Rose gold, a precious metal with a little splash of color, is supposed to see a rise in popularity soon, whether the engagement ring is all pink or two toned, it is a trend that is sure to shake things up.

Newly wed and country music star Leann Rimes recently displayed a custom engagement ring, designed in part by her husband Eddie Cibrian. While mostly thought up by Cibrian and a friend, Rimes herself had a little input, requesting to have tiny rose cut diamonds set in rose gold fleur-de-lis that are connected to the band.

And while all Verragio’s designs can be made in rose gold upon request, adding just a touch, like Rimes’ ring, can add subtly depth to an already beautiful design.  The signature scroll in all of Verragio’s Insignia rings is the perfect finishing touch when added in Rose gold.  Consider the INS-7005, which features a radiant cut diamond, surrounded by an angular halo of smaller Round diamond set onto a band adorned with Round diamonds.  The design as it is, is enough to wow a crowd, however, having the scroll under the center cast in Rose gold adds a flash of color when the light hits the ring just so.

Colored Stones

It seems that the demand for colored gemstones is not losing any steam, inspired by the recent royal engagement and subsequent wedding craze caused by the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who famously became engaged with his mother Diana’s sapphire engagement ring.

Couture-0381P diamond engagement ring from Verragio
Engagement Rings by Verragio: Couture-0381P

The ring, which was already famous in its own right, sparked a world-wide run on sapphires, and has seems to have opened the door for other colors this spring.  Rubies, pink sapphires and emeralds are hitting the scene, while sapphires are staying strong.  Even at Verragio there have been requests for custom designs such as a Paradiso 3061 featuring a  deep blue sapphire center, a Classico 0381 featuring a Ruby red center, and even a stunning Venetian 5007CU made to hold a Pear cut clear green Emerald center.  All of which, along with other custom designs, can be seen on Verragio’s Facebook page.

While you’re there, make sure to log on and tell us some of your favorite looks for the Spring.

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