What’s in your jewelry box? (Part 2)

The Perfect Pendant

Your authentic self has many facets, and there’s no better way to share them with the world than with an expressive piece of jewelry. A petite pendant can speak in ways that are strong and subtle.

Verragio Fine Jewelry Diamond Delight Circle Pendants

Circle pendants are powerful–they express an endless love, friendship, and yes, the circle of life (go Simba!). This simple geometric symbol layers beautifully with whatever you choose to wear; it is both understated and evocative.

Verragio Fine Jewelry Diamond Delight Crosses

Symbols of faith have long been worn as personal talismans. These visible expressions of belief speak volumes without saying a word. With delicate Verragio details, like signature beading or a scalloped setting, diamonds sparkle with the light of conviction.

Verragio Floret Halo Pendants

Are you an expert pairing wine and cheese? Does your manicure match your wardrobe? If this is you, you’ll want to pair your Floret halo engagement ring with a Floret halo pendant. Coordinate colors, go for contrast, or choose the classic Verragio combination of white and rose gold–the Floret halo pendant keeps you on top of your game.

Verragio “Whimsy” Diamond Hoops and Victorian Diamond Pendant

Go for the gold with a look that links vintage and contemporary! Light, effortless “Whimsy” diamond hoops make the Victorian diamond pendant look like an heirloom. The brilliant center diamond accents your good taste and style.

Can’t decide which pendant you like best? Layer them–our pendants have two lengths on the chain so you can choose how to wear them and tell your own story. It’s unlike any other.