white gold 30mm Royalty diamond hoops

What’s in your jewelry box? (Part 1)

Jewelry is the best way to express your personality–each piece of jewelry you wear tells the story of you. Yet for all its individualism, there are some key pieces that everyone should have in their jewelry box.

Diamond Hoops

small yellow gold diamond hoops and large white gold diamond hoops
Verragio Fine Jewelry “Whimsy” Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops are an elegant way to wear diamonds every day. You can choose a size that feels comfortable and flatters the shape of your face, with a diamond size that gives off the right about of sparkle for you. You’ll look luminous when you wear them–the diamonds set on the outside and inside of the hoops allow light to refract through facets in all directions, highlighting your face.

white gold and diamond "Majesty" hoops
Verragio Fine Jewelry “Majesty” Diamond Hoops

Hoops with small-carat weight diamonds in a large diameter are ready to party–think J. Lo on the dance floor–while hoops with a smaller diameter and larger diamonds are made for the understated, ultra-luxury look of a Succession star. White gold is the classic color for setting diamonds, but a lot of people are picking out diamond hoops set in yellow gold to wear with yellow gold chain necklaces, or rose gold to match back to rose gold watches.

Verragio Fine Jewelry “Royalty” Diamond Hoops

At Verragio, we borrow from our beloved engagement ring and wedding band settings to create the settings for our inside-outside diamond hoops, so you can match perfectly or mix it up and try something new. You get maximum sparkle with maximum style in a pair of earrings you’ll treasure forever.

Diamond hoops are like the perfect red lipstick–you may have to try on several, but you’ll definitely find the one that’s right for you. And when you do, nothing will make your face look better!