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What Jewelry to Wear with Your Wedding Dress

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You know you have to bring your wedding ring sets to the big day, but what about earrings? Is a necklace too much or just enough? Will the jewelry overpower the veil as a statement? If you’re wondering what kind of jewelry to wear with your wedding dress, read on to learn more about what kind of jewelry you should wear on your wedding day. 

  1. Get Inspired by Your Personality — This is your wedding day. Don’t wear jewelry pieces that you’ll look back on in later years and wonder why you wore that particular necklace or pair of earrings. Pick out jewelry that is perfect for your style and personality. Get inspired by who you are, and the beauty of your jewelry will shine on your wedding day. If you prefer bold and flashy jewelry, go for gemstones and metals that reflect that style. If you prefer a more minimalist look, try jewelry pieces that are more understated.
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  1. Use the ‘Something Borrowed’ Pieces — Does your family have any important jewelry pieces they want you to wear for your wedding day? All cultures have different rituals and beliefs for wedding days. According to The Knot, horseshoes are thought to bring good luck, so many brides will wear horseshoe-shaped jewelry, especially at Irish weddings. If you’re wearing your grandmother’s hand-me-down gold rings or your aunt’s precious gemstone bangles, these are family heirloom jewelry pieces that you want to highlight. In addition to thinking about how your engagement rings may pair well with the rest of your jewelry, you’ll also want to think about any “something borrowed” pieces you’re wearing. They’re special to your family. They should be special to you, too.

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  1. Switch Out Jewelry for the Reception — You don’t have to wear the same jewelry the whole evening. You can switch out your jewelry for the actual reception. Your ceremony jewelry can be totally different from your reception jewelry. For example, if the beautifully detailed veil you’re wearing won’t allow you to wear those drop earrings you’d like, ditch the veil for the reception and switch to your statement earrings.
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  1. Match Metals with the Dress — Certain metals look better with certain dress colors. Ivory wedding dresses pair well with gold because gold jewelry helps to highlight the creamy tint of the ivory dress. A classic or pure white dress works well with silver or platinum jewelry. If you have any pearl earrings or necklaces, these pieces also go well with a pure white dress. Off-white wedding dresses look beautiful with rose gold.

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  1. Choose Jewelry Based on the Neckline — What kind of neckline does your dress have? A strapless neckline looks best with a choker or shorter length necklace. A longer necklace will look unbalanced with a strapless dress because you’ll want a necklace that sits in the middle of all of your exposed skin. A sweetheart neckline looks beautiful with a simple, delicate necklace because of this dress’s romantic look. Halter or high necklines don’t really go well with any kind of necklace, so choose a pretty bracelet or shimmer earrings instead. V-neck gowns go well with pendant necklaces, depending on how deep the V is.
  2. Think About the Hair — Long hair, don’t care? You should. The earrings you end up wearing can differ based on your hairstyle. If you’re keeping your hair down, stud earrings like diamond stud earrings will pair well with diamond rings for women. If you’re doing an updo, you’ll have much more flexibility when picking your wedding day earrings. This hairstyle pairs well with bold statement earrings just as much as it will with delicate studs or drop earrings.