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What Is an Anniversary Ring? Is It Right for Us?

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You may have already picked out your engagement ring and wedding rings, but how about your anniversary ring? Buying new jewelry pieces like anniversary rings helps couples celebrate special milestones in their relationship. Read on to find out what an anniversary ring is and if it’s right for you and your partner.

  1. What Is an Anniversary Ring? — An anniversary ring is a ring that you can give to your partner as a gift to show your love and devotion towards one another. It’s another way to show your love will continue to stand the test of time. These rings can be given during milestone wedding anniversaries like 10-, 15- or 20-year wedding anniversaries.

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  1. What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Band and an Anniversary Ring? Wedding bands are completely different and separate from an anniversary ring. Wedding rings are normally more subtle than anniversary rings. Wedding rings are usually purchased while keeping the look and feel of an engagement ring in mind. You usually don’t want a wedding band to overpower the beauty of an engagement ring. However, anniversary bands don’t follow that same word of advice. Because anniversary rings are intended to celebrate a marriage milestone, you can choose a flashier anniversary band if you’d like.
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  1. Pros of Anniversary Rings — In the years since you two have been together, the honeymoon phase has passed. Your partner’s quirks are no longer foreign to you and vice versa. You’ve come to know, accept and truly love one another. The milestones you two are making together are more than just the years you’ve been married. You might be celebrating a new home, a child or even an exciting career change. Don’t let those special moments go unnoticed. Get your partner an anniversary ring to celebrate your everlasting love. According to, you don’t even have to get anniversary rings that perfectly match your original wedding and engagement rings. You can pick one that looks totally different from these rings if you’d like to change up the style.

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  1. Cons of Anniversary Rings — You’ve already spent money on the wedding and engagement rings. You’ve already paid for the actual wedding and honeymoon. Now you have to think about other expenses moving forward. Is an anniversary ring really worth it? It may not be worth it to everyone, and that’s a choice you two will have to make as a couple. While you may not see it fit to purchase an anniversary ring for every year you two are married, or even the first five years, how about 10 or 15 years down the line? If you could only afford a small carat diamond ring for your partner when you two were first married, instead of an anniversary ring, consider getting them a larger engagement ring years from now to replace the original.
  2. Traditions of Anniversary Rings — It’s common for engagement rings and wedding rings to feature diamonds. The rules aren’t so black and white for anniversary rings. Anniversary rings allow for more flexibility, and they’re not as deeply steeped in tradition as wedding and engagement rings are. That means anniversary rings may have diamonds combined with other colored gemstones like sapphires or emeralds.
  3. Are Anniversary Rings Right for Us? — The great thing about anniversary rings is that you don’t have to get them for your partner. Unlike engagement rings or wedding rings, your partner doesn’t necessarily expect a ring for your silver wedding anniversary. If you do decide to get your partner an anniversary ring and want to stick to tradition, that’s totally up to you. For example, after your first year of marriage, a gold jewelry exchange is custom.
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No matter how you choose to celebrate your milestone anniversaries, Verragio’s diamond experts can assist with picking out your diamond anniversary ring. We can help you pick out your traditional gold anniversary band with diamonds for your first wedding anniversary, or that stunning diamond anniversary band after your first 10 years of marriage. Reach out to us today so we can help guide you through the best anniversary rings for you and your partner.