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How Long Does a Custom Engagement Ring Take?

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You know who you want to propose to. You know you want to make it an extra special ring for them by getting a custom engagement ring, but how long will it take? While it may be stressful to even begin thinking about what kind of engagement ring band, diamond shape or setting you want to design for the custom engagement ring, our diamond experts at Verragio can help create your custom engagement ring. Go step by step and keep all of these tips in mind before you start creating any custom engagement rings.

  1. How Long Will a Custom Engagement Ring Take? — According to The Knot, one of the first things you want to keep in mind when designing a custom ring is creating something totally original and being able to express yourself. Consider bringing custom images or a list of adjectives and traits that describe you to our Verragio jewelry designers. If you’ve been searching online to see how long custom engagement rings for women will take, don’t be fooled by timeline estimates that might say things like a few days or just a few weeks. It can take several weeks, sometimes more, depending on the design. The intricate design process of each custom ring differs, so patience is the key. 

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  1. Deciding on the Metal — Work with a Verragio jewelry designer to determine which metal type works best for your partner’s lifestyle. Are they the kind of person who wants a classic yellow gold engagement ring? Would they prefer a more contemporary rose gold ring? While platinum is a durable and luxurious option, white gold is a less expensive but just as beautiful option that looks very similar to platinum.
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  1. Picking the Center Stone — When we picture the quintessential engagement ring, we often picture the diamond ring. However, not all engagement rings — especially custom ones — need to have diamonds as the center stones. If you’re looking for unique engagement rings, Verragio can work with you to determine which center stone is best for you. They can also help you pick out the center stone based on the metal type you choose and vice versa.

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  1. Choosing the Diamond Shape — If you do choose the diamond as your center stone, you’ll also need to think about what diamond cut you want. One of the most popular shapes is the round, brilliant cut diamond. For a really unique shape, go for the marquise cut, which looks like a football-shaped diamond.
  2. What is an Authentic Verragio Ring? — All of our Verragio rings are inscribed with our trademark so you know you have an authentic Verragio ring. You’ll find the Verragio trademark on the inside of each ring’s band. If you’re unsure if the ring you purchased is an authentic Verragio ring, please contact us for assistance. Verragio has recently started to engrave the serial number, a unique six-digit number, of the ring for easy identification which allows us to quickly authenticate each ring.
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  1. Where Can I Buy a Verragio Ring? — We do not sell Verragio rings online. They can only be purchased in person at a Verragio boutique or authorized retail partner. To ensure that you’re buying an authentic Verragio ring, visit any of the authorized Verragio retail partners featured here.
  2. Can I Purchase a Verragio Ring Directly? — No, Verragio does not sell directly to the public. All of our jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through our authorized retailers. Our authorized retailers have been carefully selected to represent the high quality of authentic Verragio rings. Rest assured that you will receive a premium product backed by unsurpassable service. You can find our list of Verragio authorized retailers here. Any inquiries about price, availability, or custom engagement rings must be made through authorized retailers.

For any additional questions you may have about creating your custom engagement ring, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also contact any of our Verragio diamond experts or request an appointment to visit a local Verragio boutique. Our diamond experts can help craft your dream custom engagement ring.