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Can Wedding Rings Have Diamonds?

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The short answer is yes, wedding rings can have diamonds, but that doesn’t mean all wedding rings have to have diamonds. Keep reading to learn more about wedding ring traditions, how they differ from engagement rings and what kind of wedding ring style is right for you.

  1. Wedding Rings vs. Engagement Rings — Wedding bands are normally worn and exchanged during the wedding ceremony, while an engagement ring is given to your partner when you ask for their hand in marriage. Engagement rings typically have a center stone, while wedding rings are usually a metal band that can be adorned with diamonds or other gemstones. If you’re not sure which wedding ring and engagement ring will pair well together, consider getting matching wedding ring sets.
  2. The History of the Wedding Ring — According to the Gemological Institute of America, the history and romance of the ring go back to Ancient Egypt when Ancient Egyptians used the circle as a symbol of eternity. After all, the shape has no beginning and no end. However, the wearing of a wedding ring as a public pledge of marital bliss didn’t become customary until Ancient Roman times. The earliest wedding rings were made of iron, but gold rings with gemstones became fashionable by the Middle Ages.

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  1. Wedding Band Traditions — The term “wedding ring” and “wedding band” can be used interchangeably. They’re worn by both men and women. Men’s wedding bands are traditionally simple metal rings. Others may have more intricate diamond designs, as seen with men’s diamond wedding bands.
    Tradition calls for the bride to wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring. However, for today’s modern couples, that isn’t the case for everyone. It all comes down to your personal preference. If you and your partner would prefer that you two only wear wedding bands in lieu of an engagement ring and wedding band, that’s totally up to you. Consider getting anniversary rings later on as an alternative.
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  1. Engagement Rings for the Bride — If you look at the origin of the word diamond, it’s derived from the Greek word adamas, meaning “the unconquerable.” The diamond is one of Mother Nature’s hardest substances, representing strength fit enough for an everlasting marriage. Throughout history, diamonds have been associated with everything from innocence to magical protection. It’s no wonder that diamonds soon became a popular betrothal choice as part of the engagement ring for the bride.
  2. Wedding Bands for the Groom — Dual ring ceremonies first became popular in the 1300s by the Greek Orthodox Church. A similar dual ring exchange custom didn’t become popular in America until WWII, when young men had to go off to war and not know whether or not they would return. In anticipation of the separation due to the war, both partners would wear a wedding band to remind them of their beloved.

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  1. Today’s Wedding Bands — Verragio’s selection of modern wedding bands are divided into different popular metal types like platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Both the men’s wedding bands and women’s wedding bands have stunning diamond wedding ring options. Women’s wedding bands easily pair with matching engagement rings. The men’s wedding bands have matte finishes and polished edges along with a few carats of diamonds for that charming, luxe touch. Today’s diamond wedding rings are a popular choice for both men and women.
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