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Different Metals for Rings: How to Pick the Right One

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Maybe you’ve already popped the question and are searching for wedding bands together, or maybe you’re just starting your engagement ring search. Either way, you want to make sure the rings are made from metals you’ll both love wearing every day. From the engagement ring to the wedding ring, here’s how to choose the best metal for both rings.

1. Understand Your Daily Routine — One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing metal type is understanding your daily routine. Will you be in situations every day that frequently require the use of your hands? For example, you love working out or outdoor activities like hiking. You work in a career that requires extensive use of your hands, such as the healthcare industry. With that kind of lifestyle in mind, you’ll want a metal that’s strong and durable.

COUTURE-0479OV - Yellow by Verragio2. The Most Popular Option — When in doubt, the most popular option for ring metal choices remains yellow gold. It’s a classic that’s never going out of style. Because yellow gold, and really any kind of gold that’s considered wearable jewelry, is not actually made from 100 percent pure gold. That means the metal will be durable enough to withstand lifestyles that are more active, such as those who enjoy running and other physical exercises, or for those working in careers that require them to use their hands like chefs or masseuses. If jewelry were made from 100 percent gold, it would be too fine and delicate for everyday use.

3. Less Expensive Alternatives — Let’s say you want the look of the coveted platinum but don’t want to pay the price of a platinum ring. Go for a less expensive alternative, such as white gold. While white gold — and, of course, any other type of gold — is still considered quite expensive, it’s not nearly as expensive as the rare platinum metal. 

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4. The Trendsetter — For the person who wants to make the trends, not start them, they’ll want a metal that’s chic enough for today yet beautiful enough to last through the years and come-and-go trends. Suggest they get rose gold cut princess engagement rings to stay ahead of the curve. The rose gold metal type with its rosy hue is in vogue with today’s fashionistas and fellow trendsetters. The princess cut of the diamond is elegant enough for any princess in the making.

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5. A Worthy Investment — Those looking for a metal that’s a wearable investment may opt for platinum as the metal of choice for their ring. Take a look at both engagement rings and men’s wedding bands in platinum. There’s a reason why platinum rings, and platinum in general, is so sought after. According to the World Platinum Investment Council, it’s 95 percent pure, one of the purest precious metals. It was actually banned from civilian use during World War II in the United States since it was heavily needed for the war efforts. Today, you’ll find people who want to wear platinum rings as a statement since it’s even rarer and more expensive than gold.

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6. Which Metal Works Best for You? — If you’re still not sure which metal type may work best for you, consider getting a wedding ring set. The wedding ring set will contain rings for both partners: an engagement ring and two matching wedding bands. That way, you won’t have to mix and match different metal types or designs. The set will have decided all of those details for you.

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Whether you’re confident in what metal type you want or are still browsing different options, the diamond experts at Verragio are there to help you. From the proposal to celebrating milestone anniversaries for your happy ever after, make an appointment in person to visit a Verragio boutique today.