High Setting vs Low Setting Engagement Rings Which Is Better

High Setting vs. Low Setting Engagement Rings: Which Is Better?

Whether you’ve already popped the question or are preparing the ring to ask your future partner for their hand in marriage, you want a ring that they’ll love wearing for all the years to come. You’ve started to familiarize yourself with the center stone, carat weight and the famous 4Cs of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. You also have to think about ring height. If you’re not sure how to decide between a high setting or low setting engagement ring — or if you don’t know the difference between those options — read on to learn more about these ring settings.

Choosing the Engagement Ring

According to a survey conducted by WeddingWire, 80 percent of people admit to dropping hints about their ring preferences. Seven out of 10 people are also involved in selecting and/or purchasing the engagement ring itself. What does that mean for you? It means when you’re trying to decide between the high setting or low setting engagement ring, chances are your partner has been dropping hints about which ring they want. They may not have explicitly said that they want a low profile ring, but there are ways to bring them into the conversation.

Keep It a Surprise

If you want to surprise your partner with their dream engagement ring, find out what they like by doing some research. Check out their Pinterest boards or any diamond or wedding pages they’ve liked on Facebook. Browse which jewelry accounts they follow on TikTok or Instagram. That will give you some insight into what kind of style they’re into. They may even have an old school dream wedding scrapbook they’ve been planning since they were a kid.

Ask Their Friends and Family

If you don’t want to feel like you’re snooping around too much, you can also discreetly ask their friends and family for advice. Depending on how traditional your partner is, you may also want to ask for their hand from their parents. Your partner’s best friend and family may know what kind of ring your partner likes. If your partner has a friend they go shopping with or spend a lot of time with, that friend may have the most insight into your partner’s kind of style.

Ask Them Directly

As we mentioned earlier, about 70 percent of people are involved in the engagement ring selection or purchasing process. You don’t have to play a guessing game. You can simply ask your partner directly. If your partner doesn’t like surprises or is the kind of person who would want to be directly involved in selecting their perfect engagement ring, you’re better off proposing to your partner and then asking them to choose the ring together.

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What to Consider When Choosing Engagement Rings

It’s true — ring height is yet another factor to consider when choosing engagement rings. You may know that you want the center stone to be an emerald cut diamond as your solitaire engagement ring. However, you may not have thought about the ring height. You’ll also need to think about choosing between a high setting or a low setting engagement ring. Simply put, in a high profile setting, the distance between the tip of the diamond or culet and the base of the band is longer or “higher” than in a low setting where the culet nearly touches the base.

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High Setting Engagement Rings

What Is a High Setting Engagement Ring?

When you look at a high setting engagement ring from the side, you’ll see that the stone is held up high, and you can see the space between the bottom tip of the diamond and the band. It’s considered a high setting or high profile if the center stone sticks out higher than the ring finger.

Pros of a High Setting Engagement Ring

With a high setting engagement ring, you’re literally putting the center stone on a pedestal. This look is perfect for modern couples who want a more contemporary look for their engagement ring. A ring with a high set profile will have more of that “wow” factor. Couples may opt for the high profile if they want the center stone to stand out and appear more brilliant. For those who want to rock a larger rock, a high setting can accommodate the center stone.

Cons of a High Setting Engagement Ring

The center stone can become loose, or the prongs can get damaged. The ring can also snag on other items like sheets or clothing, thereby possibly ruining other items. The last thing you want is for the ring to get stuck in someone’s hair. You’ll have to take extra precautions to not scratch your ring.

Why Choose the High Setting Engagement Ring?

A high setting engagement ring is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings today. It’s perfect for the person who wants to show off their ring. The high setting calls serious attention to the diamond or gemstone in the center of the ring. This versatile stone setting works well with a variety of ring designs. It’ll also pair with a wedding band a bit more easily compared to low setting engagement rings since the wedding band can fit snugly against the ring with a higher setting.

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Best High Profile Engagement Ring Settings

Cathedral Setting

One of the most sophisticated and beloved settings, the cathedral setting features a center stone held above the shank of the engagement ring. It can make a smaller diamond look bigger than it actually is. However, keep in mind that cleaning the diamond can be a bit more challenging with this setting. Still, if you want a setting that’s secure and requires very little maintenance, go for the cathedral setting. It’ll show off the diamond’s brilliance with the light refracting through.

Prong Setting

The prong setting is one that’s commonly seen for most engagement rings. Stones are held together by either four or six prongs, depending on style and preference. Four prongs will allow for more sparkle and brilliance, while six prongs offer a bit more security for the center stone. Prong settings are easy to clean and accommodate a wide range of budgets. Just be sure to check the prongs regularly to make sure the prongs are still holding the diamond securely in place.

Trellis Setting

If you like the prong setting but are looking for a setting that’s a little different, go for the trellis setting. It’s a variation of the prong setting with the use of four prongs weaved together to make a cross pattern. The trellis setting securely holds the center stone.

Low Setting Engagement Rings

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What Is a Low Setting Engagement Ring?

When you look at a low setting engagement ring from the side, you’ll see that the stone sits low, and you can see that there’s very little or virtually no space between the bottom tip of the diamond and the band. The gemstone rests snugly against the ring finger. The appearance looks flush with the metal of the engagement ring band.

Pros of a Low Setting Engagement Ring

Because the stone is set inside the setting and is better protected, the center stone of the engagement ring is less likely to get damaged. It’s a convenient choice for those who don’t want to worry about taking off their ring when they’re doing everyday tasks around the house. It’s less prone to snagging on clothing or furniture. You also don’t have to worry as much about damage to the center stone if your hand accidentally smacks into something compared to a high setting engagement ring where the diamond is more exposed.

Cons of a Low Setting Engagement Ring

If the center stone is on the smaller side, the stone can get washed out by the setting. A diamond may not look as brilliant either with the low setting engagement ring. You may also need to go for a smaller diamond to accommodate the low setting since larger center stones need a higher setting.

Why Choose the Low Setting Engagement Ring?

The low setting engagement ring is a great choice for people who have active lifestyles or need to use their hands frequently, such as people who work out frequently or have a career in the healthcare industry. This setting is highly durable and wearable for everyday use.

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Best Low Profile Engagement Ring Settings

Tension Style Setting

If you’re looking for a unique engagement ring style, go for the tension style setting. With this setting, it appears as though the diamond is floating between the prongs. The diamond will also look exceptionally brilliant since the light easily travels through the stone. Do keep in mind that even though it’s considered a low profile ring, it can also be easily scratched or loosened, so this ring may not be ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Solitaire Setting

Ah, the classic solitaire setting. This minimalist engagement ring setting is one that’s never going out of style. This setting shows off a single gemstone with the most brilliance since there’s nothing else in the way to detract from the center stone. Besides being easy to maintain and clean, the gemstone is also quite secure and safe with the solitaire setting.

Bezel Setting

The bezel setting is one of the most popular choices for low profile engagement rings. It’s an ideal setting for those who have active lifestyles and want to make sure their ring is as secure as possible. You can choose from a full or half bezel setting. With this setting, the diamond is surrounded by a metal rim. It’s an ideal look for a vintage style that’s also in vogue today.

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Which Setting Is Right for You?

While ring setting is not the end-all, be-all feature of an engagement ring, it’s still one that requires practical consideration and attention when choosing an engagement ring. The question is less about which setting is “better” and more about which setting is right for you and your partner. Preferences and lifestyles should be considered when choosing settings. At the end of the day, both options are beautiful choices for engagement rings. Here’s why you may choose one over the other.

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Choosing the High Setting Engagement Ring

If you have a diamond or center stone that’s truly breathtaking with exceptional quality and brilliance, a high setting engagement ring with a solitaire ring setting is the way to go. It’ll make your flashy ring look even brighter and larger than it already is. Since there’s less metal from the band underneath the stone, more light can filter in, allowing the center stone to truly sparkle in all of its glory. If you’re set on having the high setting engagement ring, but you have an active lifestyle or career that needs your hands constantly — and you still want to rock your wedding ring — it may be best to just wear the wedding band by itself. Take a look at diamond rings for women for bands and engagement rings that will really wow her no matter the setting.

Choosing the Low Setting Engagement Ring

If you have an active lifestyle such as working out frequently or hiking or a career that requires the use of your hands like a chef or doctor, you may want to opt for a low profile engagement ring instead. Low setting engagement rings are also ideal for those who enjoy vintage type settings. For that classic engagement ring style, opt for a low setting engagement ring.

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