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What Is a Halo Ring Setting?

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You may have figured out what center stone you want for the engagement ring. You may have decided on what metal you want from the wedding band, too. If you haven’t thought about or don’t know what setting you want, consider the halo ring setting. We’ll dive into everything you need to know about this popular engagement ring setting.

1. All About the Halo Ring Setting — A halo engagement ring setting is a fantastic choice to really wow your future bride- or groom-to-be. This setting features small accent stones, normally pavé diamonds, surrounding the center stone. It can make the diamond appear larger than it actually is.

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2. Pros of the Halo Ring Setting — There are many benefits to the halo ring setting. The halo setting accentuates the natural beauty of the center stone by adding brilliance and size. If the center and accent stones are different gemstones or colors, the halo setting draws the eye toward the center stone, allowing for a visual contrast of colors and brilliance. A halo ring setting can have the visual of added carat weight without you having to actually pay for the bigger diamond.

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3. Cons of the Halo Ring Setting — However, the halo setting is also known for being more pricey since there are more metals and gems involved in creating this setting compared to the more budget-friendly solitaire settings. It’s a trendy ring, the same way the marquise cut was more trendy in the ’80s and early ’90s, so no one can say for sure that the halo ring will age as well several decades later. Because it’s so trendy right now, you may find that many other people have that same halo ring setting.

4. Caring for the Halo Ring Setting — According to the Gemological Institute of America, the prongs on this setting tend to wear out faster. Make sure to have your ring routinely checked by a Verragio Retail Partner. You can search for “engagement rings near me online to find a local Verragio boutique near you to have a trusted jeweler take a look at your ring setting in person.

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5. Common Diamond Cuts — While nearly any diamond cut will work well with a halo, the round, brilliant cut diamond remains the most popular option. It allows for perfect symmetry and serious visual impact. Oval, princess cut, cushion cut and radiant cut diamond shapes are all also very common for halo engagement ring shapes.

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6. The Non-Halo Ring — If you’re trying to easily pair an engagement ring with a wedding band, a halo ring setting may not be the way to go. Also consider non-halo ring options. These other settings can include the classic solitaire setting engagement ring or other settings like the prong, channel, tension and bevel. The solitaire setting is a type of prong setting with four or six prongs in place. It’s the most classic non-halo ring option. If you’re searching for a wedding ring set that will fit together perfectly, consider a non-halo ring.

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7. Why Choose the Halo Ring Setting? — Back in 2010, Kate Middleton — who you may know as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge — rocked a breathtaking sapphire center stone with a diamond halo setting. Brides-to-be have flocked towards the stylish halo setting worthy of royalty to add extra glamour and glimmer. It’s a seriously alluring option for anyone who wants to feel like they’re ready to walk the red carpet. If you’re looking for a ring that’s versatile, easy to customize and can make your diamond appear nearly half a carat larger than it actually is, opt for the show-stopping halo ring setting.