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Solitaire vs. Halo Rings: Choosing the Right One

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If you’re trying to decide between a solitaire ring and a halo ring, or you still don’t quite understand the difference between them, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn the differences between a halo engagement ring and a solitaire engagement ring to choose the perfect forever ring.

  • What Is a Solitaire Ring? — With a solitaire ring, you’ll see the single diamond take center stage when it’s mounted on the ring. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. The solitaire ring is truly a timeless setting. You’ll normally see a round brilliant diamond cut for this ring type. The solitaire diamond is typically held in place with prongs to secure it to the center of the ring.
  • Pros of a Solitaire Ring — There’s a reason why the solitaire engagement ring has never gone out of style. There aren’t any other diamonds or gemstones that distract from the beauty of the center stone. When you need to clean and take care of your engagement ring, it’s much easier and quicker to clean a single stone setting. You can also play around with different wedding bands that will easily pair with the center diamond because of how simple the solitaire setting is.

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  • Cons of a Solitaire Ring — Because there’s only one center stone that takes the stage, you may feel that you’ll need a larger diamond, and this will make the ring more expensive. Even with a larger diamond, the center stone may still look smaller than it actually is without any embellishments or other gems around the center stone. The prongs can become exposed and get damaged. There’s less protection around the center diamond. Plus, the setting can easily get caught on everyday objects.

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  • What Is a Halo Ring?A halo ring is a setting that is exactly what it sounds like. There are smaller stones encircling the center diamond that creates a halo effect. You can get away with getting a smaller center stone and use the encircling stones to make the center diamond appear larger in size.
  • Pros of a Halo Ring — There are so many different ways to style the halo engagement rings, so you’ll have a lot of fun choosing the perfect halo ring for you. Rest easy knowing that the center stone is more protected because of the halo diamonds surrounding it. You don’t have to just stick to a round brilliant cut diamond. The halo ring works well with fancy diamond shapes, too.

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  • Cons of a Halo Ring — Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much sparkle. The halo ring can be too flashy for some couples. You’ll also need to have the ring inspected annually to make sure that every stone on the ring is still secure. The small gemstones around the center stone are harder and take longer to clean.

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  • Deciding on Metals — In addition to the ring setting, you’ll also want to think about what kind of metal you want your ring to be made from. Gold and platinum are highly durable metals that will withstand a lifetime and more of wear. You can also choose different kinds of gold like luxurious white gold, classic yellow gold or trendy rose gold.
  • Which Ring Is Right for You? While the halo diamond ring is comparatively newer compared to the solitaire setting, the popularity of the halo setting has really taken off in recent years. According to the Gemological Institute of America, the solitaire ring setting remains the most popular choice for engagement rings. If you want more sparkle, go for the halo setting. If you prefer an understated luxury, opt for the solitaire setting.