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What Does a Three Stone Ring Represent?

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There’s something so classically beautiful about the three stone ring. This type of ring also has an interesting history, and its traditional style endures today. Read on to learn more about what a three stone ring represents and why it may be the perfect type of engagement ring for you.

  • What Is the History of the Three Stone Ring? — According to the Gemological Institute of America, one of the symbols of the three-stone ring is that love will be for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Ultimately this kind of ring represents a couple’s past, present, and future. The largest stone in the middle represents the couple’s present, while the side stones represent the past and future. Allow your ring to tell a story for the three stone ring style.

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  • What Does the Three Stone Ring Symbolize? — Other symbols include the trio of friendship, love and fidelity as the cornerstones of an ideal relationship. While this may not apply to an engagement ring, some believe it also represents the mother, father and child. For those who practice the Christian faith, the three stone ring can also symbolize the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This ring may also be a great option for any Christians looking for rings to symbolize their shared faith.

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  • Different Three Stone Ring Styles — In addition to the setting, also consider the type of metal for your three stone engagement ring. Rose gold offers a sweet, pinkish color for your ring. A brilliant white gold is sure to make your three stone ring sparkle. Go all out with a platinum three stone ring. Can’t quite decide? Opt for a two-tone three stone ring.
  • Differences Between Three Stone Rings and Solitaire Rings — Typically, three stone diamond rings will have more of a sparkle than a diamond solitaire. If diamonds are of equal size and quality, the way that diamonds are cut for the three stone ring will offer more of a shine. If you’re comparing the two settings, look at both rings under different lighting environments to see which appeals more to you.
  • Three Stone Ring Settings — Common choices for three stone ring settings include prong and bezel settings. For the prong setting, the diamonds are held securely in place with a narrow metal support. For the bezel setting, a thin metal strip is hammered or pushed around the edges of the diamond to hold it in place. Prongs will show off fancy-shaped diamonds better since there’s less metal on the stone. However, that may also mean that a prong setting is more vulnerable to damage. A bezel setting protects the stone better, so a bezel setting may be more ideal for anyone who loves being outdoors and physically active.

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  • Stone Shapes for the Three Stone Ring — Because the round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape, you’ll normally see a three stone ring set with round brilliants. Oval and square cuts are also quite common for three stone rings. You may also enjoy other fancy-shaped diamonds like the princess cut and cushion cut. Consider mixing and matching stone shapes, like princess cut diamonds framing a round brilliant center diamond.

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  • Modern Popularity — This classic style remains a popular choice today. You may have seen Meghan Markle sporting a gorgeous three stone ring. Although some designs feature a center stone with a different colored gem other than a diamond, many three stone rings are typically just with diamonds for all three stones.

It’s no wonder that the three stone ring has charmed couples for so many years. The chic three stone ring remains popular even today and will remain a timeless classic.