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Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Engagement Rings

If you’re not sure about the difference between cushion cut and princess cut engagement rings, don’t worry. Many people don’t, but we’ll make it easy to understand the differences. Whether you want to take a look at both of these engagement ring options in person or online from the comfort of your home, we’ve made it easy for you to look for the perfect engagement ring from them. In this post, we’ll be breaking down the differences between why people may prefer trendy cushion cut engagement rings and why others want chic princess cut engagement rings.

What Are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?

Cushion cuts look exactly like they sound. They’re soft-edged, round and cushiony. Because of those softer and rounder edges, cushion cut engagement rings have a romantic feel that your significant other is sure to love. Cushion cuts offer exceptional brilliance for any person looking for that diamond that’s sure to sparkle and shine in the light. It’s less angular than the radiant cut since it’s more rounded and doesn’t have beveled corners. When looking for cushion cut engagement rings, you can get the classic square cushion cut or an elongated cushion cut diamond, also known as a modified cushion cut.

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Why Choose Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?

Cushion cut engagement rings are perfect for the sweet romantic who appreciates that softer aesthetic. The cushion cut ring has an interesting history dating back to the 19th century when it was originally called the mine cut diamond. Also called the “Miner Cut,” old mine cut diamonds are the precursors to today’s cushion cut stones. These were not originally called mine cut diamonds but they were somewhat similar in cut and shape. Although proportions from ring to ring will vary, all cushion cut engagement rings have one thing in common. They have that square shape with softly rounded edges. Choose the cushion cut engagement ring for a woman who would appreciate vintage or halo ring settings.

What Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

The history of the princess cut diamond dates back to the 1960s. It was derived as a variation of another cutting style called the “profile cut.” Princess cut engagement rings have sharp square shapes which combines brilliance and geometry. If your future fiancé appreciates cut and dry cuts, princess cut engagement rings are ideal for their style.

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Why Choose Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

For a geometric and modern feel, choose a princess cut engagement ring. This is one of the classic styles of wedding rings for women who want sparkling glamour and modernity all at the same time. To the naked eye, a princess cut may look like a perfect square, but they’re normally a bit rectangular in shape. Baguette diamond side stones or smaller princess cuts work well to complement the princess cut diamond. Yellow or rose gold bands blend well with princess cut engagement rings.

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Considering Wedding Rings

One thing that may help you pick between a princess cut or cushion cut engagement ring is considering what kinds of wedding rings you’ll be getting yourself and your partner. In addition to the setting type, you’ll also want to consider the metal type of the rings. According to The Knot, 54 percent of rings include that diamond center stone with side accents and 45 percent of rings are white gold.

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Which Ring Should You Choose?

If you’re planning on giving your future fiancé a solitaire engagement ring with either the princess cut or cushion cut ring, you’ve picked fancy-shaped diamonds that they’re sure to love. Cushion and princess cuts are both some of the most well-known shapes. Are you wondering, “Where can I find engagement rings near me?” Then feel free to visit any of our Verragio boutiques in person to pick out the perfect princess cut or cushion cut engagement ring for her.

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