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Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring: What’s the Difference?

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You may have last heard of a promise ring when you were in middle school, but they’re still quite popular to this day. You’ve certainly heard or perhaps been on the receiving end of your partner dropping hints that they’d REALLY like an engagement ring pretty soon. If you’re still not sure what the difference is between a promise ring and an engagement ring, we’ll make it easy for you to learn the difference between the two and why some couples may choose one over the other.

What’s a Promise Ring?

According to The Knot, promise rings became a mainstream modern trend again thanks to celebrities like Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth who used promise rings to symbolize their love and commitment to one another. Promise rings don’t necessarily mean that marriage or cohabitation is in the near future, but more so symbolize a deeper commitment to each other than just dating. While engagement rings typically have a center diamond, promise rings typically have birthstones or just feature a plain band. One popular style for a promise ring is an eternity ring with accents around the entire shank of the ring.

Why Couples Choose a Promise Ring

Promise rings can be worn as rings before getting engaged. They can also be worn instead of engagement rings for couples who want to have their own symbol of a committed relationship without the traditional value or belief system that comes with marriage. Many young couples also choose promise rings instead of engagement rings for those who are committed to the relationship, but both know they’re not at a life stage yet where it’s best for them to be married. Promise rings aren’t only for couples. Promise rings can be worn for friendships, often worn in a matching style to symbolize all the beautiful memories two BFFs share together.

What’s an Engagement Ring?

Giving someone an engagement ring is a traditional symbol of asking someone for their hand in marriage. The person being proposed to can accept or decline that proposal when they see that gorgeous ring. While promise rings are typically designed to look more minimalist with less flashy designs than engagement rings, engagement rings are meant to be looked at. Think of that stunning emerald cut engagement ring. Chances are, when you imagine an engagement ring, the images of a flashy center stone like emerald cut engagement rings have popped into your mind.

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Why Couples Choose an Engagement Ring

Many couples will choose an engagement ring because that’s the more popular route to symbolize your love and commitment to marriage. Each couple has their own time and place that they imagine getting married, so only get your partner an engagement ring if that’s something you and your partner believe will symbolize the next step in your relationship. However, even if you know you want to give your partner that stunning engagement ring, you may still wonder what kind of engagement ring to get them that will really capture the beautiful relationship you have. Have you been wondering, “Where can I find engagement rings near me?” Verragio has plenty of options that you can browse online, along with in-person Verragio boutiques. Just use our store locator to find one near you today.

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Which Ring Is Right for You?

Choosing between a promise ring or an engagement ring is ultimately a personal choice. If it’s still pretty early on in your relationship or if you see yourself getting married in the future to your partner but just not right now due to other personal or logistical reasons, consider getting your significant other a promise ring. If you see marriage within your immediate future or prefer going the traditional route with engagement rings, then choose an engagement ring that will be one that they’ll love forever.