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How to Know When to Propose

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The time has come, and you’ve finally met your person, and you simply can’t imagine life without them. You’ve thought it over and you’re both on the same page about life goals. You’ve reached key milestones in your relationship, like getting that big job you always wanted before you settled down or just had your third-year anniversary. Maybe you’ve already moved in together and want to take things to the next level. You may have already picked out the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Now you just need to figure out when and how to propose. If you’re not sure if it’s the right time, here are our tips and tricks to know the right time to propose.

1. You Love Them for Them — You’ve seen your partner at their worst and supported them through their darkest moments. You’ve also seen them at their best and cheered them on, as excited for them as you are about your own achievements. You love them without hesitation. You know who they are, inside and out. Once you know you love them and can easily imagine loving them every day for the rest of your lives together, it’s time to propose.

2. You’ve Become a Unit — Another key sign that it’s time for you to pop the question is that you have become a unit. You can finish each other’s sentences. Instead of saying things like “I saw this great movie last week” to your coworker, you’re saying things like, “Katie and I started binge-watching this show we love.” You’re starting to speak in “we” instead of just “I,” a clear indicator that you two have become a bona fide couple. If you’re starting to spend so much time together that you know your partner’s daily routine, it’s a sign that you two have become quite intimate.

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3. You Know Them as Well as You Know Yourself — You know more than their favorite color or how they like their coffee in the morning. You know their hopes, dreams and fears. You know what excites them and what annoys them. You genuinely admire, or at least accept, their quirks. Likewise, they can say the same about you. They know more than your favorite movie and how you like to eat your toast. They know your greatest joys and darkest secrets. They love you for you, and you love them for them, and you know pretty much everything about each other in this present moment. It takes a lifetime to get to know someone, and you’re ready to get them that timeless engagement ring as a symbol of the rest of your lives together.

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4. You Know Each Other’s Inner Circles — When we marry our partners, we’re not just marrying them. We’re marrying their family and friends, too. You’ve gone out on several Sunday brunch adventures with their friends. They’ve joined your friends for game nights. You’ve met each other’s families. Your circle has become theirs and vice versa.

5. Your Partner Has Been Dropping Hints — If you’ve walked by them as they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed and you see that they’ve liked photo after photo of an engagement ring, or if you happen to see their Google search history full of pretty engagement rings, they’re definitely dropping hints. Even if you’re still not sure what the difference is between these trendy oval engagement rings or those glamorous princess cut engagement rings, you do know that she wants you to propose with one of those kinds of rings. They’re waiting for you to propose to them.

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6. You’ve Talked About Getting Married — This seems obvious, but it’s true. If you two have already talked about getting married and are on the same page about getting married, it might be time to propose. Your proposal plans may even end up being a collaborative effort. According to The Knot, joint proposals are on the rise and becoming more popular as male engagement rings grow in popularity as well.

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