The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Diamond Ring Cuts and Shapes

The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Diamond Ring Cuts and Shapes

Exploring Verragio’s semi-mount ring settings and not sure what shape of diamond is perfect for you? Or more so, are you wondering what kind of diamond ring shapes and cuts are even out there? Below is a list of the most common and iconic diamond ring cuts available, along with a look at some of Verragio’s semi-mount settings that are sure to add sophistication and elegance to the diamond center stone or stones themselves. There is something for everyone from the well-loved round brilliant diamond cut to the unique vintage-inspired marquise and baguette!

In this guide, we’ve gathered 12 of the most iconic diamond ring shapes and cuts you will come across on your journey to find the engagement ring of your dreams. With this many options of gorgeous diamond ring cuts, couples can find a center stone that suits their style, taste and budget. Today, some couples even venture away from the classic diamond. Yet the shapes remain the same. In addition, gemstones like sapphires, opals and emeralds are heralded as suitable stones for engagement rings, too. 

Ready to explore these 12 iconic diamond ring shapes and cuts? Let’s get started. 

round brilliant cut engagement ring

The Round Brilliant Cut

The most popular engagement ring shape and cut, a round brilliant cut diamond features a cone-shaped bottom that is rounded off at the top. A standard round brilliant diamond has a total of 58 facets, giving it maximum light penetration that boasts a breathtaking sparkling center stone gem. This timeless diamond cut and shape has even been scientifically proven by Marcel Tolkowky in the 1919 publication, Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond, to be the optimal cut. Today, the round brilliant cut represents over two-thirds of diamonds sold. 

Round brilliant cut diamonds work in a wide range of settings, too. Verragio’s round engagement ring settings come in all kinds of styles. For example, choose a halo setting to accentuate the round brilliant cut center stone or choose a three-stone setting to flank the sides of an infinity-style band.

princess cut engagement ring

The Princess Cut

A close second only to the round brilliant cut, princess cut engagement rings are one of the most sought-after styles and for a good reason. A princess cut diamond gives off tons of sparkle, much like the round brilliant cut. The main difference is that it offers a square shape with pointed corners created from the inverted pyramid of a rough diamond. 

If you love the look of a princess cut diamond, choose a semi-mount that features a prong on each corner so that the corners cannot be damaged or chipped in any way. Furthermore, if your jeweler presents you with a princess cut diamond that happens to have inclusions on the corners and edges, keep in mind this will be concealed by the prongs, too.

the emerald cut engagement ring

The Emerald Cut

Timeless and elegant, emerald cut engagement rings offer a square- or rectangular-shaped stone and step-cut facets that lend a vintage look. Due to the step-cut facets and large table surface that provide many reflections, an emerald cut must be made from a diamond with high clarity. Otherwise, inclusions might be more noticeable.

Emerald cut diamonds tend to look best in a geometric setting with clean symmetry. Since they were quite popular in the 1920s, an heirloom emerald cut diamond ring is quite common. If this is the case, Verragio invites you to elevate the sentimental stone, creating a three-stone ring with your grandmother’s ring. 

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The Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut engagement ring offers a lovely alternative to the emerald cut. The key difference between the two is that an Asscher cut diamond offers a small table on a high crown and more layered facets 58 to be exact as well as trimmed corners that offer extra style.

The Asscher cut originated by the Asscher Brothers of Holland around early 1902. Due to the introduction of a new cut modification on its one hundredth anniversary in 2002, it has had a renewed interest and increase in popularity. 

oval engagement ring

The Oval Cut

Symmetrical and softly curved, oval engagement rings offer an elongated shape with various facets to create one of the most brilliant diamonds. Of course, the larger the oval cut, the more sparkle you will have, but you can accentuate an oval center stone with a halo of smaller diamonds as well, giving a similar illusion.

Furthermore, oval cut diamonds rest well and fit in various settings to create a unique look for someone who prefers a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. Verragio carries a wide selection of oval cut engagement ring settings, from three-stone, minimal pavé settings to halo settings that lend a lovely floral shape. Whether you prefer a glamorous or simple style, Verragio offers a fine selection of semi-mount engagement ring settings that will last a lifetime. 

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The Marquise Cut

The marquise cut diamond is another attractive shape and one that has come full circle. Once considered outdated, today, the marquise cut is seen as a classic vintage style and has had a resurgence. Also called a navette, French for “little ship,” the marquise cut diamond has an elliptical shape with two pointed ends on each side. According to legend, the marquise got its name in the 18th century when King Louis XV of France commissioned a diamond to be designed to match the perfect lips of his mistress, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson. 

A north-south marquise cut diamond offers a length to fingers and gives them a slender look. However, it’s essential to protect the corners with V-shaped claws or prongs. 

the pear cut engagement ring

The Pear Cut

A pear-shaped engagement ring has a unique cut that marries the oval and marquise diamonds. With one end a single point and the other rounded and oval, a pear cut diamond ring is perfect for women and individuals who appreciate a more one-of-a-kind look. Also called a teardrop diamond, you can find pear cut diamond engagement rings that are positioned north to south or east to west. A north-south pear cut engagement ring can help elongate the fingers. 

Explore Verragio’s semi-mount ring settings designed to showcase a gorgeous teardrop diamond. Whether you are looking for something extravagant or minimal to show off the beauty of this classic diamond shape, Verragio has you covered. Check out our infinity ring with a roped criss-cross design or a clean and smooth band.

The Baguette Cut

The baguette cut diamond is similar to an emerald cut but a bit slimmer. These engagement rings were first introduced in the 1920s as part of the Art Deco movement, which is why they still have a very vintage-inspired look that is actually quite timeless. While they are often used to flank a larger center stone in a three-stone ring, baguette cut center stones are also incredibly attractive.

Baguette cut stones are generally more affordable than other cuts, so they are an excellent choice for couples on a budget. However, they are the perfect option for someone who loves a nostalgic touch to their fashion and jewelry.

The Heart Cut

The heart cut diamond is exactly as it sounds, modified from a round brilliant cut diamond. To some, a heart-shaped engagement ring feels a bit on the nose, but to others, a heart cut diamond is the most heartfelt symbol of love they will wear. 

However, heart cut diamonds do come with a certain level of craftsmanship, as they take a highly skilled cutter to create the shape. Unfortunately, this makes heart cut diamonds rare to come by, and therefore a bit more costly than a round cut diamond. Still, the heart wants what it wants.

The Radiant Cut

The radiant cut diamond combines a square or rectangular diamond shape and a round brilliant diamond. The radiant cut is a highly desirable diamond shape and cut because it offers tons of sparkle. Called the “radiant” cut for a reason, it has a total of 70 facets refracting light throughout the diamond or gem, giving it a breathtaking sparkle.

In addition, the radiant cut offers beveled corners, which makes them less likely to chip. The best type of setting for a radiant cut diamond is an open-prong setting, allowing for the most light. However, a diamond halo setting or one with trillion side stones accentuates a radiant cut, too.

the cushion cut engagement ring

The Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds offer a very classically shaped stone. Similar to a round cut, the key difference lies in its rounded corners and brilliant 64 facets. This is what gives it a pillowy shape, hence the name “cushion” cut. The rounded corners also mean larger facets, which contributes to a greater sparkle. In fact, many modern cushion cuts have 64 facets, instead of the classic 58 facets it was originally given in the Miner’s Cut

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings look spectacular in both vintage-inspired and modern and contemporary settings with a two-stone or double-band style. In addition, the rounded edges offer a softer shape, which lends well to many different types of metals or even mixed metals. Plus, they do offer some uniqueness as no two cushion cuts are the same. You can find cushion cuts that are rounder or even oval, while others are more squarish.

The Trilliant Cut

With a name that bridges “triangle” and “brilliant,” trilliant cut diamonds offer another unique stone shape. Shaped like a triangle with each side of equal length, this diamond cut truly stands out. Mostly used for side stones in a three-stone engagement ring, a  trilliant cut diamond center stone is exceptionally rare although they can be found! 

In a side-by-side carat size comparison, a trilliant cut diamond engagement ring will give the illusion of appearing larger than a round. However, the sparkle will not be as bright as a round diamond due to the triangular shape. 

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The Best Diamond Ring Cut for Your Engagement Ring

Above are 12 of the most common diamond ring shapes and cuts you will find. Of course, there are more unique, bespoke shapes such as an Asprey cut, Eighty-Eight cut, Lily cut and a Kite cut, but they are hard to come by and are often custom-cut designs.

But what is the best diamond ring cut for your engagement ring? That depends. Ultimately, the engagement ring you choose comes down to your personal tastes and style, as well as your lifestyle and even your hand and finger size. When choosing a diamond cut or shape, consider the following:

Subtle vs. Statement Piece

So considering the 12 iconic diamond ring shapes and cuts listed above, you should have a better idea of what is available. Whether you prefer something more subtle and understated like a baguette or want a gorgeous statement piece like a pear-shaped diamond or marquise, decide what defines you and your personality. 

just engaged couple taking selfie

Everyday Wear vs. Bold

In addition, make sure to consider where you will wear your engagement ring. If you work with your hands, you may want something more practical and understated that doesn’t get caught on things or risk damage. However, if you are more fashionable, you may prefer something bolder.

Classic vs. Unique

Decide if you prefer something classic and timeless or unique. The shape of your stone can say a lot about the person wearing it. If you want a truly iconic piece, a round brilliant cut diamond is the answer. However, if you want to stand out, a pear-shaped diamond, heart cut or a trilliant can make your engagement ring feel much more special and one-of-a-kind.

Your Hand and Finger Size

As mentioned, certain longer, narrower diamond cuts can help provide the illusion of slender fingers. Generally speaking, wider bands are a fantastic option for longer fingers. And narrower bands work well for shorter fingers. Learn more about what types of engagement rings are best for different types of hands.

Find the Perfect Diamond Shape and Cut 

Discover the perfect semi-mount setting for your favorite diamond shape and cut. Explore Verragio’s countless semi-mount setting styles and types for each shape. Ready to find the center diamond and larger side stones? Get in touch with one of our authorized Verragio retailers today.


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