Ultimate Engagement Ring Style Guide

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Style Guide

Shopping for an engagement ring isn’t unlike shopping for new shoes or a a new car. You choose one that fits your budget, has all the features you desire and — most importantly — honors your sense of style. But engagement ring shopping comes with its own set of challenges, in part because, well, you’ve probably never done it before!

But if it all feels overwhelming, Verragio is here to offer assistance and help guide you toward a decision. Often, it’s also about you and your partner’s budget and lifestyle, but also about what kind of style you adore and can see wearing each and every day. This guide will help you determine your style and learn what features to look for in order to achieve it.


Find Your Style

Below, we’ve broken down engagement rings into a few of the broad style categories, including trendy, traditional, artsy, bling-bling, feminine and antique. Peruse the categories below to learn the terminology that falls into your particular jewelry vibe. If you aren’t sure where to start, make sure to read our guide to the different types of ring settings before you begin. That will help you understand the most common ring settings in the jewelry case.

For the Shopper on the Cutting-Edge: Trendy

If you love the latest and greatest fashions and are constantly influencing what your friends and family buy, your style may be trendy. Trendy engagement rings are all about what’s hot right now. At the moment, it’s still all about the delicate-banded solitaire, rose gold, halo setting, mixing and matching metals and — thanks to trend-setters like Blake Lively and Kourtney Kardashian — the endlessly alluring oval diamond. 

trendy engagement rings

If you want to make sure your ring honors your trendy sense of style, you might want to consider going for one of the following settings.

  • Halo with a Brilliant Round Cut Diamond — Halo rings offer a halo of sparkling miniature pavé or micropavé diamonds around the center stone diamond. Besides the brilliant sparkle, one of the best parts about the halo style is that the halo effect can make the center stone appear larger and more grand, drawing attention to the diamond. To keep your halo super-trendy, go with the most popular diamond shape — the brilliant round. Consider a slimmer band (pavé is always good for extra sparkle) or rose gold.
  • Slim-Band Solitaire with Oval or Round Diamond — There’s no denying that the solitaire setting is the most classic of all the ring styles, but there a few easy ways to ensure that it errs on the trendy side. Choose a slimmer band and go with one of the more in-vogue diamond shapes, such as an oval or brilliant round cut. For the band, you can opt for solid gold or go for pavé to add sparkle. What’s in-vogue comes and goes with regard to diamond shapes, but right now it’s all about glamorous oval engagement ring settings.

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For the Traditionalist: Classic

If you want your ring to have staying power and are worried about it going out of style quickly, you may want to err on the classic side. Some timeless options include the never-disappointing solitaire and the sparkle-centric three stone engagement ring. Yellow and white gold are arguably the most timeless metals, but there are certainly ways to make your engagement ring more traditional.

classic engagement rings

If your vibe is all-out traditional, these are some of the best classic engagement ring styles to add to your try-on list.

  • White Gold Solitaire with a Princess Cut Diamond — Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Princess cut engagement rings feature a square-shaped diamond that offers a brilliant and beautiful sparkle with 58 facets. This style of engagement ring also looks gorgeous in a variety of metals, but if you want to keep it classic, go with a solitaire in white or yellow gold.
  • Three Stone Setting with an Emerald Cut Diamond — The three stone engagement ring is one of the beautiful and classic options around, offering three times the sparkle. If you prefer a more traditional look, opt for a three stone ring in a mesmerizing emerald cut diamond shape. This will give it more of an old-fashioned vibe while maintaining a modern feel.

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For the Artsy, Glamorous Type: Unique Colors and Shapes

If your style icons are Coco Chanel, Joan Crawford and Anna Wintour, then you’re a good candidate for a more artsy engagement ring. With this style, the goal is to go high-art retro. Think: art deco styles, elaborate halos and unexpected metals. You can achieve this with the ever-enchanting emerald cut diamond, kite-set diamond rings or even styles that combine diamonds with brightly colored gemstones, such as rubies and emeralds.

artsy engagement rings

Want to stand out from the crowd and show your artful sense of style? Go with a uniquely set ring that commands attention, like one of these settings:

  • Kite-Set Square Diamond with Elaborate Halo — One of the most underrated engagement ring treatments is the kite-set diamond. The kite setting harnesses the stone offset at an angle with the points oriented in a north-south manner. Complement this unique setting option with a decorative surrounding or opt for it in a pretty rose gold for an out-of-the-box approach.
  • Pear-Shaped Gemstone Ring in a Halo Setting — What better way to go your own way than by skipping the diamond altogether? The ultra-unique pear-shaped diamond has always been the trailblazing wearer’s dream shape — Cardi B. and Margot Robbie are just two of its fans — and you can make it even more your own by crowning it with a pretty, colored gemstone.

For the Lover of Sparkle: Bling-Bling

There’s no shame in prioritizing sparkle above all else when searching for the perfect engagement ring! You want to make sure you look for high-sparkle cuts — the round brilliant cut is most often regarded as the sparkliest and most fiery option — and go for a pavé band. This band style features small, sparkly diamonds leveled or “paved” along the band’s surface, creating an undeniable shimmer. Halo settings can also help accentuate the sparkle of the center stone and add even more fire.

bling bling engagement rings

There are so many ways to amplify sparkle on your engagement ring, but we’ve picked two of our favorite and most brilliant settings for your consideration:

  • Wider Pavé Band with Brilliant Round Cut Diamond — With its mesmerizing 58-facet design, no diamond shape brings more sparkle than the brilliant round (princess, radiant and cushion cut stones will also bring plenty of fire, though). Make sure to choose a stone that’s rated highly for cut, as this will ensure more brilliance. Complement your flawless brilliant cut with a pavé band in a wider shank to accommodate bigger (read: sparklier) diamonds. 
  • Wide Pavé Band with Double-Halo and Square Diamond — Another great way to double-down on the shimmer is to complement your wider pavé shank with a double-halo setting. This will amplify the shimmer of all the most brilliant cuts, including round, princess and cushion. White gold or platinum will help play up the pure sparkle, but yellow and rose gold are great choices, too.

For the Feminine Type: Pretty and Romantic

If your wardrobe includes lots of skirts, dresses, heels and sparkly jewelry, you’ll probably love a more feminine engagement ring setting. The key here is to stick with the sparkly and dainty, and you can really tie it all together with a softer metal such as rose gold. Consider going for a symbolic heart-shaped ring with a slimmer pavé or infinity band to represent your enduring love for your partner. By the way, feminine isn’t just for the ladies! This style is apropos for anyone who prefers the traditionally feminine aesthetic.

feminine engagement rings

By nature, almost all modern engagement rings have some degree of what we’d classify as feminine, but here are a couple of our favorite examples in this category:

  • Delicate Pavé Band with a Heart-Shaped Diamond — What could be more romantic than a heart-shaped diamond? This symbolic shape perfectly represents your love story and brings a soft, feminine aesthetic. Pair it with a pretty pavé band in your choice of thickness. If romantic symbolism is your thing, you could also pair it with a gorgeous infinity band to symbolize your forever love.
  • Delicate Pavé Band with Oval Halo Setting — The oval cut diamond has its own romantic feel, especially when surrounded by a halo (or two) of pretty diamonds. Rose gold is the perfect choice for this dainty yet sparkly setting, adding to the soft femininity that suits your style.

For the Antiquarian: Elaborate Antique Settings

If you adore antique style, you’ll find so many suitable options in the jewelry store case. While estate jewelry may sound appealing, buying an actual vintage engagement ring has a few downsides. For one, thanks to the natural aging process, they’re often lacking in sparkle and may have aged to a brown or yellowish tint. They’re also tougher to match with your wedding band. Your best bet is to opt for a new, antique-style ring, such as one with a gorgeous cathedral setting. 

antique engagement rings

Below, you’ll find some of our top antique-inspired engagement ring ideas to help you channel an elevated classic style.

  • Antique-Inspired Cathedral or Prong-Set Engagement Ring — The cathedral setting is one of our specialties here at Verragio, so you’re in the right place if this is your preferred look. This setting features graceful arches within the band to create a gorgeous visual effect. A prong-set diamond is another popular option that gives your ring a more antique look.
  • Marquise Cut Halo Setting Engagement Ring — The marquise cut has a royal history, tracing its roots all the way back to 16th century France, when King Louis XV commissioned the special cut for his mistress. That’s why it has been regarded as “the most romantic diamond cut of all.” Take yours up a notch with a delicate halo style to give it an antique yet modern look.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring Style

We hope that this guide on engagement ring styles can point you in the right direction when choosing your dream ring. First, however, we encourage you to try on each engagement ring style that you are leaning towards to see if it’s how you imagine. Seeing and trying on a ring in person at a jeweler can sway your decision. Couples often change their minds, favoring an engagement style they may have never considered before. 

We encourage you to visit one of our authorized retailers before making a final purchase. Understand whether you prefer a sparkly solitaire or a dazzling three stone. Only then can you find the ring of your dreams. 

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