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What Is the Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring?

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As you peruse social media, magazines and jewelers for an engagement ring style that you like, you may come across some pretty hefty rocks. From Kate Middleton’s 12-carat oval sapphire to Maria Carey’s 35-carat emerald cut diamond, tastemakers of all varieties wear substantially-sized gemstones, and it leaves the average person wondering what size they should be wearing, too. 

Sizing Up Stones: What Is the Average Engagement Ring Size?

So what is the average diamond size for engagement rings? According to GIA, most diamonds used in fine jewelry pieces weigh roughly one carat or less. So with the average in mind, how many carats should an engagement ring be? Ultimately, this comes down to many factors, such as a personal budget, the desired shape of the diamond and whether you prefer something like a solitaire or three stone engagement ring.

Size Matters…Or Does It?

When it comes to the features of an engagement ring, the size of the stone is of utmost importance. It determines the impact the stone will have within the setting — that’s especially true if you want to go with a timeless solitaire engagement ring setting — as well as how it looks on your hand. Of course, it’s often the single biggest influence on a stone’s price tag, so it’s something you need to keep in mind when shopping.

But size isn’t everything, either. Other factors can dramatically alter the way a ring looks on your finger. For example, a smaller and more affordable diamond can still make a huge splash when placed in a halo setting bulked up by smaller diamonds at each side. Or you may notice that a smaller, clearer diamond simply looks more beautiful and sparkly than a larger one with more inclusions.

What we’re saying is this: Size is important, but it shouldn’t be the only factor swaying you for or against a certain stone.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Create Extra Sparkle with a Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting

Getting the Most Bling for Your Buck

Since many factors can change the sparkle and grandeur of your diamond engagement ring, we encourage someone shopping at one of our authorized retailers not to focus on the number of carats or what is considered “big” to others. Instead, focus on exploring different ring styles and diamond shapes to find what looks best on the hand. 

Budget will always be a factor when selecting an engagement ring, especially if your goal is to go as big as possible. Unfortunately, if your sizing expectations are high but your budget is tight, you’ll probably have to compromise in terms of color and clarity. A less flawless stone with more inclusions will always cost less than something more perfect, so determine what’s the most important to you.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Let’s talk engagement ring vs. wedding ring — another factor to consider. If you plan on wearing a matching wedding band, it will offer some width to the set of rings. This can be played both ways: You can choose a larger diamond engagement ring or you can let the set speak for itself. 

Showcase Your Diamond in a Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Changing the Diamond Size

When shopping for engagement ring settings, you have the option of choosing your center diamond. In addition, many of Verragio’s solitaire engagement ring settings offer customizable features, which allow you to make a setting that lets the one-plus carat diamond take center stage or accents a diamond of fewer carats, making it appear larger and more brilliant.

Keep in mind too that when you first slip on a diamond engagement ring, it will always look bold and dramatic. Not everyone is used to wearing bright, showy diamond rings. However, in time, you will get used to its look on the hand and feel completely natural. You’ll love your dream engagement ring no matter the diamond size — and that’s what matters most!