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3 Stone vs. Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Classic or show-stopping? It’s a debate as old as time and it rings especially true when it comes to engagement ring settings. There’s the good old standby and the less common stunner, and both of them are worthy of your consideration when you’re picking out one of the most expensive and sentimental possessions of your life.

But before you begin the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, there are a few decisions you must make. One of these decisions? Choosing between a 3 stone vs. solitaire engagement ring.

The Classic Choice: Solitaire Engagement Rings

Icons Who Love the Solitaire:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Hailey Bieber
  • ElizabethTaylor

Why We Love It:

  • Classic, simple and elegant
  • Makes the center stone the showcase
  • Easy to upgrade to a bigger diamond later
  • More shape options

Oval Engagement Ring

There’s simply no arguing the fact that the solitaire engagement ring setting is a bona fide classic. Its timeless beauty is preferred by couples the world over. That’s why it has been rocked, so to speak, by some of the world’s most trend-setting icons, from Hailey Bieber to Elizabeth Taylor. However, there are stylistic choices you can make with a solitaire engagement ring to make it your own, whether it’s an intricate pavé intertwined band or a double halo with micropavé diamonds that encapsulate the center diamond.

Here’s why we love it.

  • It’s Iconic, Plain and Simple — From the emoji on your phone (💍) to the confetti on the table at your bachelorette party, the solitaire is the setting you think about when you think about engagement rings. It’s perfect for ladies with a more traditional vibe. 
  • It’s All About the Center Stone — The solitaire doesn’t bother with extra fluff. It’s all about the big, beautiful stone in the center. That’s especially important for trend-setters who want to showcase a fabulous stone with exceptional cut, color and clarity. Oh, and one more pro — you can easily swap that center stone out for something bigger and more exquisite down the road.
  • The Stone Shape Is Up to You  — While you can certainly find a three stone engagement ring in a variety of shapes, they most often come in round and square styles. If you dream of a glimmering pear, marquise or heart-shaped stone, you’ll be better off picking a solo sparkler that puts it on full display.

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The Dazzling Trio: 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Icons Who Love the 3 Stone Ring:

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Meghan Markle
  • Adele

Why We Love It:

  • Three times the sparkle
  • A little extra bling for your buck
  • They have a deeper meaning

three stone engagement ring

A three stone engagement ring setting, also commonly known as a trilogy engagement ring, is a timeless engagement ring style in its own right. Though not as common as a solitaire engagement ring, many partners prefer its unique look. Many fashion-forward celebs have picked the dazzling trio, including the breathtaking triple-rock ring Prince Harry designed for Meghan Markle.

  • They Make a Sparkly Impact — What’s better than one super-sparkly gemstone? Three super-sparkly gemstones, of course! The most obvious reason to triple down on with a 3 stone ring is to bring extra bling and make a big impact on the finger.
  • They Bring Bling for Your Buck — If getting the most bling for your buck is your goal, you may want to steer clear of the solitaire. With a 3 stone ring, you can integrate a trio of smaller, more affordable stones rather than one big rock that takes up the majority of your budget. The three stones together will still make a big splash when set in a row.
  • They Come with Symbolism — If you’re big on wearing items that have a special significance, you’ll appreciate the deeper meaning of this setting. Three is the magic number, or so they say, and it’s associated with the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the three Patriarchs in Judaism and the three aspects of God in Hinduism. It may also stand for completion, symmetry or simply represent three of something you hold near and dear, such as kids, pets or years.

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Which Style to Settle on

As you can see, both engagement ring styles have a lot to offer. You can never go wrong with an iconic solitaire engagement ring, but a three stone engagement ring lends a unique touch. 

Explore each of these engagement ring styles online at the Verragio website. Then, when you see something you love or want to see how each looks on the hand, we welcome you to visit a local Verragio authorized retailer. A knowledgeable Verragio jeweler will help guide you through the process of choosing an engagement ring setting and finding a brilliant, sparkling diamond and side stones to complete your dream engagement ring.